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Our haulage services

Textile logistics

We specialise in providing tailor-made textile delivery solutions with short and monitored timescales both at home and abroad with emphasis on Eastern Europe.

Hanging garments shipment:

  • We will take care of all your needs regarding the collection and delivery of hanging garments
  • Our specially equipped boxes with integral hanging facilities allow us to transport your goods according to your particular requirements.

Pallets/boxed goods:

  • We also transport your unfinished and finished goods as boxed or pallet goods

Consolidated freight/package freight

Konventionelle Transporte

Depending on your wishes, we will create an individual offer for your cargo.

Storage logistics

Our warehouse is always available for your intermediate storage requirements, with its high rack facility providing for rapid loading and unloading.

  • Crude goods consignment in accordance with customer requirements
  • Preparation of packing lists
  • Consignment of finished goods, vertical or horizontal storage
  • Packing:
    – packing in cardboard boxes or wire trays
    – pallets
    – shrink-wrap
    – packing in garment carriers
    – strapping
  • Delivery coordination
  • Labelling
  • Dispatch to you or your customers by DPD/DHL
Customs service

Our customs department will be pleased to help you deal with customs formalities or take care of the whole export and import process.

Our services:

  • Preparation and completion of export documentation
  • Processing of import duty payments including VAT/ differential duty
  • Use of ATLAS and NCTS
  • Approved consignee; direct and fast processing of in-coming T1 goods
  • Approved consignor; direct  processing of T1 + T2
  • Assistance with the preparation of export invoices/ proforma invoices

We can also help you with the necessary classification of your consignment!
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Transport insurance

On request, we will be happy to arrange load transport insurance for you.


Please note that we accept liability only as defined in the General German Haulage Conditions (ADSp, 2017 version). The current version of the ADSp is available  read and download (ADSp 2017).

Additional services

We also offer a range of additional logistical services, e.g.:

  • Delivery times agreed within 24 hours

We are on the road for you round the clock throughout Europe.
We are fully committed to and confident of delivering your shipments
to your consignees. We will provide tailor-made solutions to
suit your individual requirements.

We can guarantee the safe and careful execution of your orders
thanks to our many years experience in logistics.

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